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40 Minutes with Bryan Baeumler

It was May 6, 2016.  My boyfriend sent me the link to this Pathway Events real estate investing seminar coming to Halifax, Nova Scotia on May 28, 2016 that he signed me up for.  It was featuring Bryan Baeumler and tickets were free!

Bryan Baeumler you say?

Bryan Baeumler and Revive Home Staging Pam MacKinnon

But….that was the same weekend we planned to go to Moncton, NB to see friends.  Naturally I was dying at the thought of missing it so we delayed our trip until after the seminar!

I still wasn’t convinced so I sent Bryan a tweet.

Bryan Baeumler twitter conv

Hell yeah!

I’ve heard of these seminars before and although loving all things Real Estate in Halifax, NS as a Professional Home Stager, I was sceptical to attend.  But then you offered up Bryan Baeumler… so who can resist that?

I received an email from Pathway on May 17 offering VIP tickets for $30.  This got you VIP seating, Bryan’s book, which he’ll sign for you and get a photo taken with him.  I didn’t hesitate.  Take my MONEY!

Fast forward to the morning of the event.  I get up early to get ready because I have to look fabulous for my photo with Bryan Baeumler!

I arrived at the Westin Nova Scotia and scooted upstairs to the VIP table. I got my lanyard, Bryan’s book and directions to go to the front of the line to get my photo taken with Bryan.  There was about 50 people in line.  I said “Really?  Go to the front?”  He said “yes, VIP goes to the front of the line”.  Again, $30 well spent.

I approached as Bryan greeted me and shook his hand, I don’t think I stopped smiling for a second.  He said “You have a book there for me to sign”?  Oh yes!  I handed it over and he said “Let’s devalue this thing now” he’s just as funny and charming as he is on tv.  All smiles for the camera and off I went to find my seat.

Bryan Baeumler and Pam MacKinnon expert home stager Halifax Nova Scotia real estate

Bryan Baeumler Book Halifax NS Pam MacKinnon home stager real estate

There was assigned seating but they couldn’t locate my seat (naturally I offered to sit next to Bryan), but there was a seat available in the second row that they gave me, score!  Close enough to take a few photos, although it didn’t seem like anyone else was taking photos!  Clearly they weren’t as big of a fan as I am.   I did refrain from taking a selfie, even though I really….really wanted to.

woodie selfieBryan Baeumler at the Westin Halifax NS 40 Minutes with Bryan

I really enjoyed hearing Bryan’s storey of how he built his business and his journey to be on tv.  He also shared stories on the importance of having real estate rentals as investment properties.  He talked for about 30 minutes and then answered questions from the audience, the time went by quickly but I was so happy that I went.  After Bryan said farewell the other company came on to talk more about ways to build a real estate investment portfolio.  I wanted to leave right after Bryan did, but NO ONE got up to leave.  Since I was at the front of nearly 700 people, I didn’t want to be ‘that one person’.  I listened for another hour and as they went to break, I escaped then.  The rest of the event wasn’t for me, but if you were absolutely ready to start investing it would have been worthwhile for sure.

Thanks to Bryan Baeumler for coming to Halifax, we all hope you return soon!

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