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Revive Home Staging was invited to be featured in the Canadian Military Family Magazine holiday issue (November 2014).  I was excited and honored to be included in such a widely recognized magazine which provides an informative resource connection to the Canadian Military community.

Ongoing military postings are often received with short notice.  As a Halifax military spouse, I understand the obstacles, stress and uncertainty that families face in making arrangements to prepare their home for sale in a short timeframe, often in off-peak real estate selling periods.  As a professional Home Stager in Halifax, I show home sellers how to create the appeal to close the deal.  This can include furniture and artwork rearrangement, decluttering and storage solutions, paint colour consultation, home repair recommendations and decor placement to create a warm, inviting and spacious feel to attract the most buyers and receive higher offers.

Spend money to make money Revive Home Staging Pam MacKinnon

It is important to inform sellers that spending money to make money is key to a home staging investment.  Most home sellers should budget between 1-3% of the home’s listing price towards repairs and updates.  Revive Home Staging provides important visual feedback as a home buyer would assess their home.  This valuable insight saves time and money.

Especially for military families who do not have the luxury to have their home sit on the market, waiting for the ‘right’ offer, it is vital to make the best impression from the start.  Buyers make decisions initially online by viewing real estate listing photos.

You must have captivating and impressive photos of your home to attract the widest range of buyers and a high rate of viewings.

As mentioned in the article, helping families get the most out of their Halifax real estate listing has been a passion of mine for years.  It encompasses my creativity, appreciation for design solutions, organizational skills, decor sourcing and spatial awareness.

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I hope you enjoy the article!

Military Family Magazine article on Pam MacKinnon Revive Home Staging Halifax Nova Scotia

Most people who have sold a house can tell you, whether you’re military or civilian, that getting it ready to go on the market is stressful.  For Pam MacKinnon staging a house for sale is her passion and that’s why she started her company Revive Home Staging.

“Seeing new home builds for years I always thought ‘Why aren’t you staging these before you try and sell them?’.  The biggest spark was selling my first house; I worked for weeks to get it ready and stage it, and we sold it in one day”.

With her kids a bit older now, and the support of her spouse, a currently servicing Navy member in Halifax, Pam ventured into the world of entrepreneurs.  After about two years of research she decided to launch the company in 2013.

“I just said, okay, I’m going to take the step, I’m going to do it…I became a member of the Centre for Women in Business and took a course on writing a business plan.  I learned what are the best avenues to pursue, some of them I did wrong”, she adds with a laugh.

Another important step for Pam was joining the Halifax Military Family Resource Centre’s Entrepreneurs Club.

“It’s been really beneficial with networking opportunities and meetings once a month.  You get lots of advice from others, things that they’ve done, or recommendations and resources being shared”.

When it comes to staging a house Pam says that educating clients is a big part of her job.

“Trying to explain that how we live in our house is completely different from how we would present it to sell.  Buyers want a house to be move in ready, so I will work with what clients already have in their home and make some suggestions for what they could pick up or add to make the house feel warmer.  If your house is staged properly, you’re going to get a better offer”.

Pam loves the hands-on aspect of her work, from moving couches to changing artwork, and says it’s never too early to get the help of a professional home stager.

“The best thing to do is have your house staged before your realtor comes in, which may lead to a higher asking price. It shows that your house is maintained and ready to go.  It makes their job easier…buyers will estimate repairs to a home to be 300% higher than what they will actually cost and will deduct that from their offer, so being prepared is key”.

Being prepared is Pam’s best piece of advice to those thinking of going to work for themselves in the home staging industry.

“An online course would be helpful, teaching you how to run the business, set up pricing, and communicate with clients and suppliers.  That is vital for business start-up”.

In the end Pam says her work all comes down to connections.  As an entrepreneur, connecting with professional groups like Home Stagers Atlantic; and for her clients, connecting with buyers for a successful sale.

“You want them to have that emotional connection to your house.  You want them to come in and say “I want to live here”.

CMF Magazine, Holiday 2014, story written by Laura Earl, photo by Nicole LaPierre


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