Downfalls of “Light” Staging

If you’re going to do it, DO it!


Think a light staging will do the trick?  Think again!

When you are selling a vacant home, you have to trust your Stager when they make suggestions of staging certain rooms.  Our experience shows that when rooms are staged professionally, they provide the impact to attract buyers.  You do not want buyers quickly passing through your home wondering ‘what do we use this room for’?  The feedback you want is “this home office space is just what I need!”

Creating that appeal takes the guess work out of how buyers will feel comfortable in your home.  We know what appeals to the widest range of buyers and we make sure the photos will reflect that.  The first step to house shopping is online, a series of empty rooms isn’t appealing enough to most buyers to put your listing on the top of their viewing list.

A home staging investment will bring results!

A recently flipped beautiful ‘large’ home in Halifax was lightly staged, 82 days later it’s still on the market with a $20,000 price reduction.  Hiring the services of a Professional Stager costs a fraction of that, how can you NOT include this essential component in your marketing plan?

Avoid the risk, contact Revive Home Staging today!


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  1. Cheryl Khan on August 1, 2014 at 8:36 pm

    Exactly!! Can’t stand when I see “half-staged” homes. More like poorly staged. Whenever you do something, you have to commit. Simple idea but a great point Pam.

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