Empty rooms…is there an echo in here?

When preparing your home for a real estate listing, one common error that occurs is over-decluttering. When sellers remove everything but the bare essentials, this creates a sparse environment with no personality or warmth. Ultimately it brings confusion and distraction for buyers trying to picture themselves relaxing in the home. The focus would be on your lack of furniture and not on the positive features of your home. Revive Home Staging provides an inviting atmosphere by adding essential furniture, artwork and accessories, creating the appeal to attract potential buyers.

Halifax Home Stager Pam MacKinnon Revive Home Staging Real Estate

This listing only left minimal furniture in the home, making it seem cold and uninviting.

If you’ve moved on to a new home and still need to sell your existing one, it’s better to take all your belongings and have it professionally staged, as leaving the odd couch or bed can easily resemble a storage unit. A welcome balance of space and comfort is vital to a positive lasting impression for buyers. By arranging for appropriately sized furniture, bringing in essential décor pieces and showcasing a warm and inviting home, Revive Home Staging creates the lifestyle that appeals to buyers. It is important to stage an empty home, especially with rooms that are above or below average size or bedrooms that seem small but aren’t. Buyers need to see how furniture can be placed so they don’t dismiss your home because they can’t imagine how their belongings will fit.



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