Furniture Overload: Scaling Back

Don’t Display it All

When listing your home for sale, it is vital to avoid showing it the same way as your everyday living.  You must show your home to best reflect its positive features, to do this, start by downsizing the amount of furniture in a room.  If the sofa set your parents handed down to you isn’t the proper fit, it should be put into storage and your home stager will arrange for furniture rental, ensuring the proper size and colour is placed to accentuate the room.  If you have a number of shelves stuffed with items, it makes the home appear to have minimal storage.  Allow the room to have adequate flow with room to walk around.

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This room is overpowered with large furniture and personal items that distracts buyers from seeing a spacious basement.

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This room has appropriately sized furniture and showcases the large space, without distracting elements. The decor is the perfect touch to make the room feel inviting and accentuate the look of comfort.

You may have a room set up for your specific use, but for buyers, it has to make sense to them.  Each room should show its proper purpose, an example would be to reclaim the dining room by removing children’s toys and crafts.  If you do not have the furniture to define each room, your home stager will design the spaces to attract buyers by showing a stylish lifestyle that compliments the home.

Buyers could be looking for an area for their home office, and your home could have the perfect layout for that, but you may have a home gym in that space.  This will make buyers feel there is not enough space in the home to fulfill their needs.  You will have distracted their vision with bulky personal items.  Staging the home to appeal to the widest range of buyers is important to show the greatest potential.  Home Stagers know what buyers are looking for and what turns them away or will cause them to submit a low offer.

Revive Home Staging will create the appeal to attract buyers and sell quickly!


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