Moving Day Advice

Live and Learn

A big lesson I learned a couple of years ago when we bought our house is to NOT book movers the day your new home closes.  You’ll need a couple of days at least to deal with anything that comes up unexpectedly.  Like when the previous owners take the (beautiful) custom made blinds when all window coverings were to stay.  If I had planned it better, I would have put a stop to everything to have them returned (yes I would!).  However, the movers were meeting us at our place we were moving out of shortly, so I was convinced by my husband to ‘let it go’.  Window covering can get replaced, yes, but it was the principle after all (not going to fit any other windows likely, are they?).

The day goes on and we meet the movers only to see they brought a smaller truck than what was expected.  Again, I should have trusted my instincts and sent them away.  It was a long and frustrating day dealing with the crew, another lesson learned to NEVER use that company again.  If I had left the option open to delay our moving day to a couple of days later, then I could have avoided these things.  In a hurry to move in?  Yes!  It was the beginning of August and we now had a pool to enjoy!  Next time I won’t rush it, check for details and make sure you are getting everything that was agreed upon!


Extra Bonus Advice

Need boxes?  Go behind Winners stores, their dumpster is a gold mine for fantastic packing boxes!


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