Pine Isn’t Fine

How much wood to chuck?

It’s past mid-way of 2014….people want modern, clean, calm and comfortable and some want bold with high impact!

When it’s time to sell your home, as part of your improvements it’s important to eliminate wall to ceiling pine. Buyers will feel that the home hasn’t received regular maintenance, show them they are wrong! You can create an updated space, start by using an excellent sealer/primer before selecting a fabulous paint colour. Do your homework as prep work is essential! A (long) weekend of work will increase the appeal of your space, then you can pat yourself on the back, you got this!

As your Halifax Home Stager, I see many homes with not only pine walls and ceiling, but oak table and chairs and oak flooring!  Wood Overload!  We need to tone it down folks, save the wall to wall for the cabin 🙂


revive home staging halifax home stager pamela mackinnon

The time for pine is over! (photo:


revive home staging halifax home staging pamela mackinnon

This colour scheme creates a welcoming and modern feel to a great space.


Here is an excellent example for incorporating wood, this creates high impact and the beautiful accessories bring it all together!













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