Real Estate, Lets Break It Down

If you didn’t think your home was an investment, you’d still be renting. In order to grow that real estate investment you have to maintain and update on a regular basis. I’m not saying buy new fixtures and appliances every three years, but when you hit the 10 year mark, you may want to take notice of new designs that are available.

To save time and effort, your Halifax Home Stager can provide valuable suggestions and insights on where to best spend your renovation dollars. Start with a realistic budget and initially concentrate on repairs if required, they need to be taken care of pronto. Style wise, you may only need to paint and replace a few light fixtures and faucets, or require a full-on overhaul that includes countertops, flooring and cabinets.

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Fantastic example of an updated kitchen (photo:

Some home owners buy furnishings out of need rather than added design features. Professional home staging will de-personalize, declutter and eliminate or add essential furniture and décor to showcase the home’s best features. This will launch you ahead of the competition and will see the return on investment in the list price and offers.

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Clutter and oversized furniture were removed and replaced with modern and sleek table and chair set giving the room an instant updated look.

Ultimately you are adding value for those buyers who want move-in ready homes. Many buyers are unable to picture how a space can look if updated, this way you’ll save time on the market by addressing these issues in the beginning. Less time on the market is money in your pocket!

Revive Home Staging Creates the Appeal to Close the Deal!


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